Mission and Belief Statement


Lomira School District Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of Lomira, a rapidly growing visionary district, is to guarantee an education that allows students to compete in a global community by providing optimal opportunities for individualized instruction in a trusting environment of mutual care and respect, by taking advantage of technological advances, and by effectively utilizing business and community partnerships.




Lomira School District Belief Statements

Building a Foundation for the Future: Driving Beliefs

The following educational beliefs have been derived from the set of values identified by the Lomira Board of Education:

  • The Lomira Board of Education and entire educational staff guarantee each of our families and the community that we will provide all students a comprehensive curriculum that will engage each student in diverse, rigorous, and relevant learning activities; provide each student academic, social, and lift skills; and effectively prepare each student for civic responsibility and the opportunity for success in their unknown future.
  • Recognizing the value of technology as a tool for learning, the Lomira School District will make a concerted effort to provide all students with an understanding of and opportunity to apply these tools in the learning process.
  • In our effort to be fiscally responsible, yet accountable for student achievement, educational decisions of the Lomira Board of Education will be made based on the district's foundation consisting of the Mission, Vision, and Values, and Driving Beliefs.
  • The district will strive to create safe, clean, healthy, and attractive learning environments that maintain small class sizes in an effort to maximize student learning.
  • With an understanding that it takes an entire village to educate a child, the Lomira School District will seek to create effective partnerships that engage students, staff, parents, and community in the learning process.
  • The Lomira School Board values their high quality educational staff and will seek to provide them with ongoing and relevant staff development opportunities.
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