Anne Millane
School Social Worker
Phone: 920-269-4396 ext 191

What Does a School Social Worker Do in Schools?

School social workers apply their graduate-level training to help students succeed in school. They work with schools, students, families and communities to provide an environment that will help students reach their full potential.

    Linking Families and Schools

  • School social workers often help students by acting as a link between their parents or guardians and their teachers, as well as school administrators and staff.

Addressing Problems

  • School social workers address student problems such as teen pregnancy and truancy. They give teachers advice on how to deal with difficult students.

Helping Students

  • School social workers help students reach their full potential, understand themselves, cope with stress, and improve their relationships and decision-making skills.

Helping Parents

  • School social workers help parents become more involved in their children's education. They help parents to better understand their children, and they help those parents find resources and programs to meet their children's needs.

Helping Communities

  • School social workers serve as a bridge between schools and communities.
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