American Government Assignments

State and Local Government

Legislative Branch Ppt

Executive Branch Ppt

Judicial Branch Ppt

Judicial Branch Ppt

Bill Template

Foundations of Government Notes

Peer/Self Evaluation

Systems of Government Notes

Veterans' Day

The Constitution

Legislative Branch video

How a Bill becomes a Law video


Health Care

CSPAN Module Healthcare

Healthcare Video


Lobbying Video

TED Video Link


Systems of Government

PowerPoint Notes (see link above)

YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2

YouTube Video 3


US Debt

US Debt Video


Inside North Korea Documentary

Inside North Korea - National Geographic


Mock Trial

Alternate Mock Trial Video


Federal Budget

NY Times Interactive Budget Website

White House Budget Website


IOUSA Documentary


IOUSA Worksheet (click above)


Frontline:The Choice

The Choice (from PBS - need Adobe Flash Player)

The Choice  (on YouTube)

Include with it a write up of the 5 most interesting things you learned while watching the video.


Liberal v. Conservative

PEW Research Liberal v. Conservative


The Danger of a Single Story

Link to Video


Political Campaign TV Ads

The Living Room


Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Site


Election Information

Pick a candidate for November presidential election

Vote Smart - Compare candidates, speeches, platforms

CNN Election Center - The Issues

Public Agenda (select from the Issue Guides tab)


Citizenship Questions

Citizenship Quick Quiz


Simulation Game

Middle East Resources

CIA World Factbook - inforamtion about all aspects of a country

World Atlas - Middle East - good maps and basic information

The Middle East - Albany University - basic facts and information

BBC - Middle East Section

New York Times - Middle East Section

CNN - Middle East Section

Al-Jazzeera Middle East News (from the Middle East perspective)

Descriptions of Different Types of Government

Middle East Country Assignment Rubric

Afghanistan Ppt (Example)

Arab Spring Ppt

Arab Spring Timeline Website

Isreal PPT

United Nations PPT

Religion Power Points

Judaism and Christianity


Shiite and Sunni



Equality of Results vs. Equality of Process Ppt

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